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G Perico Was Once Signed to Roc Nation — Who Represents Him Today?

G Perico has been releasing music since his first mixtape in the mid 2010s — but who is he signed to today? Here's an update on the rapper.


Oct. 17 2023, Published 9:55 a.m. ET

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Rapper G Perico has been releasing music for almost a decade — and his journey in the music industry has been filled with ups and downs.

His first mixtapes were released while he was in jail serving time for gang activity, but he did not let that stop him from eventually collaborating with one of the biggest labels in the music industry.

Born Jeremy Nash, G Perico hails from South Los Angeles and proudly represents the streets that raised him.

Growing up in the rough neighborhoods of South Central, G Perico's music is deeply rooted in his personal experiences and the culture that surrounded him growing up. His distinctive sound, often referred to as "G-funk" due to its homage to the classic West Coast hip-hop style, quickly caught the attention of music fans — and industry insiders.

G Perico signed a partnership deal with Roc Nation in 2019

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G Perico attends 2020 Roc Nation THE BRUNCH.

The turning point in G Perico's career came when he co-founded the independent record label, "So Way Out." This move allowed him to maintain creative control over his music while also fostering a sense of community within the local hip-hop scene.

His decision to remain independent did not stop his progress; rather, it highlighted his determination to stay true to his roots and create music that resonated with his audience.

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In 2019, the rapper announced a partnership between his label and Jay-Z's Roc Nation. The collaboration marked the beginning of a series of joint releases, with the first, "Ten Eight," hitting the airwaves in August of that year.

The full-length album showcased G Perico's signature sound and featured standout tracks like "Big Raccs," with contributions from notable artists such as Sonny Digital, AzChike, and Bucho.

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G Perico performs at a concert.

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"A lot of people were on my line for a lot more money, but the situation wasn’t better. I’m [now] over at Roc Nation with great people and great businessmen that I can talk to and stop in the office and holla at. It’s more than just a deal or partnership," he told Complex of his decision to team up with Roc Nation.

"These are people I can see myself doing business with my entire career in some capacity, even if it’s not music… However you’re steering your vessel, they’re going to put the wind behind it so you can sail off."

What is G Perico up to these days?

Over the next few years, Perico maintained a steady rhythm of releases, both as a solo artist and through collaborative efforts with fellow rappers. In 2021, he released multiple mixtapes including "No Love in LA," "Free," "Welcome to the Land," and the more elaborate "Play 2 Win."

However, G Perico left Roc Nation in 2021 and is now fully independent.

"Naturally, I'm an independent dude," he said on Bootleg Kev. "I don't like, basically, having to ask for permission to do anything. This is art, and there is no specific way that you do s--t. When you get with a label you stuck in this box, I call it the chain of command... it's too much. I never really wanted to sign a record deal in the first place."

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