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Jack Mizrahi’s Journey Uplifting Ballroom Legacy

Jack’s undisputed support and dedication have brought the charm and creativity of the ballroom scene to the spotlight


Jun. 26 2024, Published 3:33 p.m. ET

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One of the creative minds behind the critically acclaimed Fox drama, Pose, has not only impacted television for years to come but also the ballroom. Jack Mizrahi, also known as Gucci, has brought culture, love, and authenticity to the community for decades and continues to cement his name in LGBTQ+ history.

MCs are a crucial piece of ballroom culture, implementing different inspirations from all performers to provide the runway with personality and honest critique.

Growing up in Queens, New York, Jack was exposed to the early stages of ballroom tradition. Enticed by expression, Jack saw the opportunity to participate while adding his originality to the role of host in the ballroom. Jack started voicing his skills on the microphone for House Mizrahi and The House of Chanel, shifting the influence of ballroom voguing to reach a broader demographic.

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Taking inspiration from late 90s hip-hop, wordplay is one of many ways Jack has made such a name for himself. Rhythm not only exists on the runway but also on the mic, entrance names, descriptions, and transitions all have to flow in unison. Being a fan of professional wrestling, Jack would stylize the names of dancers just as if it were a wrestling match. These titles are so iconic they stick to contestants instantly, a huge example of this would be Leiomy Maldonado, playing in shows such as Legendary, and Pose.

Jack would give Leiomy their iconic stage name “The Wonder Woman of Vogue”. Pair these rhythmic hooks with the confidence and assertive stage voice similar to a preacher, and you witness true passion fueled by a love for the culture and as a creator, a desire to produce creative work in every moment on the microphone. These skills are all that make Jack’s hosting abilities stand within the ranks of ballroom legacy.

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In recent years, Jack has continued to gather fans around the world through his hosting alone. Traveling globally to exert emotion and bring his undoubted feeling of royalty, Jack has strengthened the platform for the LGBTQ+ community, vogue dancers, and even allies to interact on a far deeper level. Participating in Coach’s 2021 Pride Campaign was another opportunity where Jack was able to naturally voice his creativity through fashion.

He explained the collaboration, saying that Coach has been open to supporting not only himself but the ballroom in many regards. Brands, like Coach, have been proactive in opening a space for Queer individuality in their products, Jack has shown to be a part of this successful breakthrough. Uplifting the voice and outreach of ballroom culture through his authenticity on the microphone but being a person of color adds to Jack’s praise, showing an important piece of New York history and African-American triumph.

The ability to express themes of fulfillment and flawlessness is crucial to ballroom culture. Whether you wish to be able to create personas or be yourself, for Jack, it allowed him to step into his comfort zone and show how artistic the tradition can be, remaining a notable figure to multiple communities.

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