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Ultimate Travel Reading List: 6 Books for Your Journey

Within this selection, you will discover some of the most thrilling adventure stories ever written, as well as poignant memoirs of individuals living in faraway lands during a bygone era.


Jan. 26 2024, Published 8:50 a.m. ET

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Each and every one of these books will instill in you a sense of wonder and evoke your inner explorer! I sincerely hope that you will uncover a few hidden treasures within this list and stumble upon inspiring books that have eluded other travel book recommendations in the past.

Top Books to Read While Traveling

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#1 The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared

Don't judge a book by its cover or its title, because you'll miss out on a lot. Let me tell you about this amazing story of a 100-year-old man who decides to go on an adventure without his slippers, in search of smoke and booze. You might think he's not all there, but he's actually a remarkable individual who has had some incredible experiences and played a part in history.

#2 On The Road

This book will certainly ignite your sense of adventure! It serves as a fantastic source of inspiration, guiding you through exciting journeys and motivating you to take action. "On The Road" by Jack Kerouac brilliantly captures the essence of wanderlust, drawing from his own real-life travels across America with friends. It's a heartwarming tale that reveals the joy of embracing the present moment and living life to the fullest!

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If you want to find some hidden gem among comforting books, you'll probably have to go a little further. Alternatively, you can try FictionMe - novels online - this is an application with a large number of both famous and less popular books. Fiction on the web is often one of the first available here since the authors publish their books themselves. With this app for novels, you'll definitely have something to read on the go. If you're tired, you can open the novel app and start playing the book with sound. I like it because it works as a sedative and I fall asleep well with it.

#3 Into the Wild

Whenever wanderlust strikes, it's hard to ignore the allure of "Into The Wild." Even two decades after Alexander Supertramp's passing, his name remains etched in our collective memory. In this captivating tale, Jon Krakauer takes us on a journey from the iconic bus, following McCandless as he abandons convention, embarking on a two-year odyssey of self-discovery within his homeland.

As with any book-to-film adaptation, it's always best to read the book first. Krakauer fearlessly captures the essence of one of literature's most fascinating nomads, leaving no stone unturned. Embrace the adventure and be captivated by this extraordinary tale.

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#4 The Pilgrimage

Before Paulo Coelho achieved great success with "The Alchemist" he penned "The Pilgrimage." I must confess that I haven't had the chance to delve into his literary works yet, but I've eagerly added them to my reading list as they seem incredibly captivating!

In "The Pilgrimage," Coelho embarks on a journey along the Camino de Santiago, a renowned pilgrimage route. Through his exceptional writing and storytelling, he transports readers to a world brimming with enchantment. I am eagerly anticipating the moment when I can immerse myself in this literary adventure!

By the way, have you thought about starting to write your own book? Nowadays it has become easier to create a novel since there is artificial intelligence and it will do all the most labor-intensive work for you. A good option for effectively spending time while traveling.

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#5 Boats on Land

It is undoubtedly one of the finest collections of short stories from the Northeast. If your journey takes you to the enchanting valleys of the Northeastern part of the country, then this beautifully written book should be your intellectual companion. Janice Pariat has expertly compiled the book, filled with captivating tales of mystical lands, fascinating folklore, and enduring cultural traditions.

#6 The Bookshop on the Corner

If you're a passionate book enthusiast, you won't want to miss out on this captivating story. The book revolves around Nina, a determined individual who embarks on a journey of self-discovery after losing her beloved job at the library. Undeterred by the setback, she musters the courage to pursue her dreams and relocates to a peaceful village in Scotland. Utilizing her remarkable ability to connect people with the perfect books, Nina tirelessly spreads the joy of reading throughout her community via a mobile library.

If you're planning on traveling without a book, I feel sorry for you. You're missing out on a lot. During long flights, the book is simply irreplaceable. It's a rewarding experience that I look forward to.

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