councilman Eric Mays of Flint, Mich., discusses his leadership
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"Point of Order!": A Look Back at Controversial Flint Councilman Eric Mays' Best Moments

Flint Councilman Eric Mays slowly became a TikTok star. The public servant passed, but not before providing some hilarious moments.


Mar. 4 2024, Published 9:33 p.m. ET

If you have been on social media, you’ve likely seen the clips of a spirited councilman arguing with his colleagues about issues in Flint, Mich.

That man was the beloved public servant Eric Mays.

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Mays held nothing back, and the rambunctious speaker became known for his outlandish antics and unfiltered opinions. Mays has been a controversial political figure in Flint since he entered office.

Before being named city council president in 2021, Mays served as a council member for eight years. However, his time as a public servant has been riddled with controversy.

In April 2023, he was arrested when he refused to leave a City Council meeting after being ordered to leave by the sitting president, Allie Herkenroder (according to Michigan Live.)

Despite this, May’s constituents stood beside him, supporting the outspoken member of Flint’s council until his death in February 2024. Let's look back on some of the late social justice advocate's best moments in office.

"You jealous or something?"

Councilman Mays got into a heated discussion with one of his colleagues that seemingly was a result of his rise to popularity on social media. A video posted in March 2023 shows Mays firing off one of his hilarious comebacks after another councilperson suggested that he was a “TikTok performer.”

“You were not elected to be a TikTok performer,” a city official tells Mays, to which Mays replied, “I’m a serious councilman… You jealous or something?”

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“Who are you talking to?”

Councilman Mays was never afraid to check his political colleagues. During a 2023 meeting, Mays was quick to shut down another councilperson who gave a “warning” after he allegedly interrupted another speaker.

“Who are you talking to?” Mays asked, adding, Who are you lecturing and talking to? That ain't your job to talk down on me, ma’am.”

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"Cause when you clown, I'ma double clown."

eric mays clown suit
Source: TikTok/@shesoprettypretty

Councilman Eric Mays pulls out a clown suit

Councilman May’s antics were just as outrageous as his rants. In January 2023, video emerged that showed the political figure going off on his peers before pulling out a clown costume, complete with a wig, and nose.

“Now, he who laughs last, laughs best,” Mays said. “And if you want to laugh, here go a clown outfit for you — cause when you clown, I'ma double clown.”

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“Who’s responsible for all these holes in the street?”

If you have ever driven on a public road, you know that potholes are a major problem. Mays tackled the issue head-on, and the clip from his spirited discussion went viral.

“Who’s responsible for all these holes in the street?” Mays asked in the clip on TikTok. Some netizens suggested that May’s pronunciation of “holes” sounded like a derogatory term, which made the moment even funnier.

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"Mr. President, you take that minute and stick it up your council seat."

As with most of Councilman May’s clips, no one is sure what started the fight between him and the then-president of the city council.

“Mr. President, you take that minute and stick it up your council seat,” Mays said, in response to a time warning from the elected leader. He continued, “Go home if you don’t want to do this job!”

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