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What Is the Fascinating Story Behind 'Snowfall'?

'Snowfall' has become a fan-favorite over the seasons, but there are still a few people who don't "get" the show. Here's what we know about the crime TV fascination.


Aug. 25 2023, Published 4:44 p.m. ET

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One groundbreaking series that captured the hearts of millions and redefined storytelling is Snowfall. Created by John Singleton, Eric Amadio, and Dave Andron, this thrilling crime drama delves deep into the roots of the crack cocaine epidemic in 1980s Los Angeles.

Read on to learn more about the story behind Snowfall itself and its intriguing and gripping plot line.

Who is 'Snowfall's creator, John Singleton?

John, who, before the show, was best known for his acclaimed work on Boyz n the Hood, felt a personal connection to the narrative of the storyline because he grew up in South Central Los Angeles during the same era when crack cocaine first permeated the streets. His deep understanding of the subject matter allowed him to craft a powerful and authentic storyline that struck a chord with audiences.

Before Snowfall made its debut on the small screen, it faced numerous challenges in the competitive world of television. The concept, born from John's vision, was initially shunned by traditional networks due to its raw and gritty portrayal of the drug trade and its impact on society. The team believed in the importance of shedding light on the harsh realities of history, and they found the perfect ally in the FX network, known for pushing boundaries and embracing bold storytelling.

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So, what is 'Snowfall' about?

At the core of the Snowfall story is Franklin Saint, a young drug dealer portrayed brilliantly by Damson Idris. Franklin's journey from a street-savvy teenager to a ruthless drug lord is both captivating and disturbing, showcasing the harsh reality of the drug trade and the choices one makes when driven by desperation.

The show captured the zeitgeist of its time by providing an unflinching look at the socio-political landscape of 1980s America.

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From its inception, Snowfall stood out for its innovative approach to storytelling. Instead of relying on a single protagonist, the show unfolds through the lives of multiple interconnected characters – each with a distinct perspective and role in the unfolding narrative. This narrative structure mirrors the complexity of the crack epidemic itself, shedding light on how it affected people from various walks of life.

Through its engaging storytelling and compelling characters, the show humanized the individuals affected by the crack epidemic, making viewers question the systemic issues that perpetuated the crisis. The series soon received widespread acclaim for its attention to detail in recreating the '80s era, from the fashion to the music and the historical events that shaped the period.

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Despite this tragic setback, the show's team rallied together to carry on John's legacy and continue the narrative he started. The show, which phenomenally highlighted the crack cocaine epidemic of Los Angeles in its infancy, recently wrapped up production, but the impact of the show lives on.

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