Rick Ross, Missy Elliott, and Drake
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These Rappers Have A Sneaker Game Like No Other

From futuristic Nikes to classic Jordans, these rappers have it all. They share their closets with the world and some ultra rare and classic collections from Jordan 4s to 11 lows.


Dec. 11 2023, Published 12:45 p.m. ET

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Style has evolved through the many decades. We traded baggy jeans on our hips for skinny ones that crunch at our ankles. Oversized jerseys became so ‘90s while crop tops and bralettes became the new fad. But, despite all the changes, one item that never went out of style was sneakers.

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Whether high-top Nikes or the latest pair of Jordans, you were judged on how fresh your sneaker game was. Today, celebrities, especially rappers, love showing off their sneaker collections, and we rounded up the best ones who will have you envious of their closets.


drake sneakers
Source: Instagram

It may not surprise you that Drake has one of the largest sneaker collections. The Grammy award-winning rapper has been spotted in some of the most exclusive kicks – like the Supreme x Nike collection (which now resells for upwards of $3000) or the Eminem Carhartt retro 4s, which were sold for $25,000 a pair for charity.

A supporter of many, it is said that he owns over 90 Kobe sneakers – he even took to Twitter to show fans a sneak peek of the closet, which includes vintage shoes and some that are even 17 years old.

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DJ Khaled

dj khaled sneaker collection
Source: Getty Images, Instagram

As it turns out, DJ Khaled is a huge sneakerhead. Back in 2015 the rapper and producer showed fans his iconic sneaker room – complete with a wood interior and shelves with at least twelve rows, his collection boasts bold and plentiful.

The rapper has kicks from Nike and Jordan ranging from low tops to 4s to custom-made ones and owns over 10,000 pairs. Khaled even offered fans the chance to sleep in his sneaker closet for just $11 a night, as a nod to his shoe size and the number of albums he has.

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Kodak Black

While you may know the Florida native for his controversial songs and memes, Kodak is also known for his prestigious sneaker collection. He went shopping with Complex and shared his love for all things feet.

The rapper spent $22,000 and discussed his love for black and yellow Jordans and Reeboks. Kodak credits his cousin, who always kept him in the latest styles, and it's safe to assume that if one shopping trip costs $22,000, he has plenty more to account for.

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Big Sean

big sean sneakers
Source: Getty Images

Big Sean poses in a artistic floral garden.

Rapper Big Sean is known for his "boy" tagline, but many don’t know that he is also a sneaker collector. The Detroit native’s closet is filled with rare sneaker collections, in which Sean favors Adidas. He has collections from Raf Simons, plus pieces from labels like Saint Laurent, Thom Browne, and Balmain.

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"My most rare shoes that I have in here is Eminem Carhartt 4s," Sean told Architectural Digest while showing off his closet. "Em sent this to me personally. I keep them wrapped in plastic. Never really wear them, ever. Looking for another pair. Em, if you got me, let me know if you got me. ‘Cause I would love to rock them, but I am not rocking just that one pair."

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Rick Ross

It doesn’t come as a surprise that Rick Ross, one of the most influential rappers, has a sneaker collection that will rival any basketball player. The rapper shared his collection in a video and it boasted rows of Jordans, Adidas, moccasins, and even Uggs for the colder days.

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Each pair of Jordans sits comfortably in a singular cubicle space, while some of the more creative and coveted collections have custom-made shelves that feature comic book favorites such as Batman. Rick is said to own some of the rarest sneakers including the Back to the Future-inspired Nikes that retail for over $100,000.

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Missy Elliott

missy elliott sneakers
Source: Instagram

Grammy-award-winning rapper Missy Elliott tops our list for sneaker collections. The female rapper is said to own upwards of 3,000 pairs of sneakers – talk about a collection.

"The first pair of Adidas that I ever bought was probably when I was in junior high school," she told V Magazine of the start of her sneaker obsession. "I bought them because the first artist I saw wearing them was Run-DMC, and they used to have the fat shoelaces in them."

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The rest is history. While she has a sneaker room, the rapper sheepishly admitted she also maintains a sneaker warehouse, which is filled wall to wall with the OG sneakers she holds near and dear to her heart.

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The Game

While it doesn’t surprise us that rapper The Game is a sneaker collector, it does surprise us that his collection is bulletproof. His closet is adorned with glass shelves lined with LED lights in various colors to add an amazing glow to his already impressive collection. It features classic blue & white air Jordan 4’s and pewter green foams.

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Some sneakers are even isolated in their very own clear cube like the rare back-to-the-future inspired Nikes and 11 lows. The rapper nearly lost his life when he was shot five times and it's safe to assume he does not want the same fate for his shoes.

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