Devale Ellis and Khadeen Ellis attend the special screening of "Maxine's Baby: A Tyler Perry Story"
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Viral Love Stories: 6 Black Influencer Duos Who Are Redefining Relationship Goals

Black love will always be the wave, and these couples are proving why. Here are six married influencers who have captured our hearts.


Apr. 23 2024, Updated 8:55 p.m. ET

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A new wave of power couples has emerged, and they are taking over the digital space. Among them, Black influencer couples are at the forefront, captivating audiences worldwide with their hilarious content and heart-warming videos.

From YouTube to Instagram, these couples are redefining relationship goals and serving as beacons of representation and empowerment.

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A new generation of duos are leveraging platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube to share their love stories, experiences, and expertise with an ever-growing audience.

These couples offer glimpses into their lives that have resonated with consumers online. Their content is entertaining but also serves as a reminder that #BlackLove is stronger than ever. Here are some of our favorite influencer duos.

Soreya and Henri

black married influencers
Source: Instagram/@mesyeuxsurtoi

Influencers Soreya and Henri pose together wearing coordinating outfits.

When it comes to fashion, Soreya and Henri may be one of the flyest couples on Instagram. Their account is filled with images of the pair dressing in coordinating outfits and showing off their love for one another. Soreya and Henri exude warmth and enthusiasm, which draws viewers in. Their genuine connection and mutual support serve as a source of inspiration for many.

Follow Soreya and Henri on Instagram @mesyeuxsurtoi.

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Alex Elle and Ryan Spear

Alex Elle and Ryan Spear are a shining example of a black influencer couple who have captured the hearts of netizens. As a writer, wellness consultant, and self-care advocate, Alex Elle has garnered attention for her empowering words and insights on personal growth, mindfulness, and self-love. Meanwhile, Ryan Spear, a talented photographer and creative director, brings his artistic vision to their collaborations.

Follow Alex and Ryan on Instagram @alex_elle and @ry.spear.

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Devale and Khadeen Ellis

devale ellis and khadeen ellis attend the game between the charlotte hornets and the atlanta hawks
Source: Getty Images

Devale Ellis and Khadeen Ellis attend the game between the Charlotte Hornets and the Atlanta Hawks.

Devale and Khadeen Ellis’ love journey has been marked by trials and tribulations, but the two remain strong. The vlogging duo, who run The Ellises YouTube channel, have been internet celebrities for years. Through their platforms, the two uplift other couples and get real about the troubles they have faced during their 20-year-long marriage.

Follow Khadeen and Devale on Instagram @khadeeniam and @iamdevale.

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R. H. Sin and Samantha Holmes

R. H. Sin has amassed a dedicated following drawn to his poignant words and insightful perspective. Samantha Holmes, a talented writer and creative force in her own right, complements his artistry with her distinct voice and perspective. The pair have been married since 2017, and internet users love following their journey. Together, R.H. and Samantha navigate the complexities of relationships with honesty and vulnerability.

Follow R.H. Holmes and Samantha Holmes on Instagram @r.h.sin and @samantha.king.holmes.

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Jon Jackson and Brandi Sellerz

Jon Jackson may be a GRAMMY-nominated songwriter, but being Brandi Sellerz’s husband is his main job. The couple has become popular on social media by sharing their holistic living practices and mindfulness techniques, which guide their lifestyle and parenting choices.

Follow Jon and Brandi on Instagram @bstereo and @jstereofficial.

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Pretti Susu and Roland Agli

roland and prettisusu
Source: Instagram/@rolandagli

Pretti Susu and Roland Agli pose for a mirror selfie.

Pretti Susu and Roland Agli have been steadily building their social media following for years. The couple, who live in the DMV, regularly shares photos and images from their time together, and even vlogs their experiences. Susu runs a popular YouTube channel with over 100,000 subscribers, where she posts videos from her loving adventures with Roland.

Follow Susu and Roland on Instagram @prettisusu and @rolandagli.

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