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Beast Mode Activated: Level up Your Fitness With These Workout Routines for Weight Loss

Looking to lose weight and get sculpted? Here are the best workout routines and exercises for men stepping into the fitness world.


Mar. 28 2024, Published 5:24 p.m. ET

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For men looking to shed a few pounds and get shredded, navigating the landscape of workout options can be overwhelming. With a bunch of exercise options available, finding the most efficient and beneficial workouts can be a daunting task.

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Some experts recommend a holistic approach to weight loss. This combines cardiovascular exercises, strength training, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Here are the best workouts for men looking to lose some weight.

Cardiovascular exercises are a simple and effective approach.

man in park warming up and stretching arms and legs before training
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Man in park warms up and stretches arms and legs before training.

Running, cycling, swimming, and walking are effective cardiovascular exercises for men's weight loss. These activities elevate heart rate, enhance cardiovascular health, and burn calories.

Incorporating at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity cardio into your routine several times a week has been shown to yield promising results. If you are not big on running, try biking, dancing, or other high-movement activities.

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Build muscle and lose fat with strength training.

Resistance exercises targeting major muscle groups are essential for building lean muscle mass and boosting metabolism. By incorporating strength training workouts into your routine, you can burn fat and build muscle at the same time.

Strength training, involving resistance exercises targeting major muscle groups, also boosts metabolism, facilitating fat loss even during periods of rest.

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HIIT workouts are intense but very beneficial.

he man stretches knees and leg muscles after training and running
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Man has severe pain in the knees and leg muscles after training and running.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts burn calories fast but are not easy. HIIT involves alternating between short bursts of intense exercise and brief recovery periods, which challenge the body and accelerate fat loss.

According to Health Line, integrating HIIT workouts into the routine two to three times per week can further enhance weight loss outcomes.

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Circuit Training combines a little bit of everything.

Circuit training — a mix of strength and cardiovascular exercises — offers a quick and efficient approach to weight loss. By alternating between resistance exercises and cardio intervals with minimal rest, circuit training maximizes calorie burn while targeting multiple muscle groups. Jumping jacks, squats, and push-ups can all be incorporated, along with bench dips, burpees, and glute bridges, per Very Well Health. These time-efficient exercises are fun, and they keep the body guessing.

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Don’t forget mind-body practices!

young african american sportsman using laptop while relaxing on the floor at home
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Man using laptop while stretching on the floor at home.

The key to any successful weight-loss strategy is having a good mindset. Incorporating mind-body practices such as yoga and Pilates into your workout routine not only promotes flexibility, strength, and balance but also aids in weight loss. These low-impact exercises improve mindfulness, reduce stress levels, and enhance overall well-being, creating a conducive environment for sustainable weight loss.

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Nutrition plays the biggest factor in weight loss.

Working out without a proper diet can be detrimental. Nutrition is the foundation for health, so you must watch what you eat. Adrian Williams, a certified personal trainer, believes that simple diet changes can help jumpstart weight loss.

“Consume a lot of water and avoid white starches, like bread, pasta, rice, and potatoes,” Adrian says (per Men’s Journal). “Nutrient-dense foods will be the key factor in providing your body what it needs while consuming fewer calories.”

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