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Unleash Your Inner Hip-Hop Head With These Rap-Inspired Tattoo Designs

Tattoos inspired by rap songs are perfect for hip-hop lovers. Need ideas? Here are five designs that draw inspiration from the genre.


May 2 2024, Published 1:36 p.m. ET

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Since its inception, rap music has inspired listeners to connect with lyrics on a deeply personal level. For some fans, rap lyrics have become more than just bars.

From intricate designs to meaningful lyrics, tattoos inspired by rap songs have become a popular form of expression.

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Hip-hop heads have paid homage to their favorite artists and songs through tattoos of rap lyrics, portraits, and other symbolic rap moments.

If you need inspiration for your next piece, look no further!

These tats pay homage to the old Kanye.

kanye inspired tattoos
Source: TikTok/@inkbymeg

Kanye West-inspired tattoos by @inkbymeg.

Kanye "Ye" West's controversial behavior has polarized opinions about him as a musician. Yet, for longtime fans of the Chicago-born rapper, there's a special appreciation for his earlier work.

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Tattoo artist @inkbymeg tapped into this sentiment with a series of tattoo designs inspired by Ye's classic hits.

These designs offer enthusiasts a chance to immortalize their admiration for the artist through ink. The art draws inspiration from "I Wonder," "Homecoming," and "Bound 2."

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Here's a permanent reminder to "Love Yourz."

"Love Yourz" is a loving anthem from J. Cole’s third studio album, Forest Hills Drive. Released in 2014, the song has resonated deeply with fans of the rapper, striking a chord with its message of self-acceptance and gratitude.

"Love Yourz" also touches on themes of resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity. Cole shares personal anecdotes and observations about the challenges he faced growing up in North Carolina.

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Understandably, the track is a favorite among J. Cole’s fans. A woman who goes by @julesssbby on TikTok showed her appreciation for the song with a sketch. Jules tattooed “Love Yourz” on a client in a small script print.

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Frank Ocean-inspired tattoos are the wave.

Singer Frank Ocean has become synonymous with his smooth voice and calming sound, and the tattoos inspired by his work are proof of that.

These Frank Ocean tattoos pay homage to some of the singer's most popular songs.

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The artist behind these Frank-inspired designs took a few liberties with her interpretation of his songs. @Jadechanelp_ drew an ivy tattoo based on his 2016 hit and a "Sweet Life" tattoo depicting a bushel of grapes.

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From captions to ink — check out Drake's lyrics as tattoo designs.

Additionally, Jade created an entire collection of Drake-inspired tattoos for OVO fans. The designs are based on songs created by the Canadian rapper, and each has a symbolic meaning.

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On the track "In Time," Drake raps about his love for a girl he refers to as a "flower child," and Jade captures that essence in one of her drawings. She also created a design inspired by "Fake Love" that features a heart-shaped snake.

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These Chance the Rapper-inspired tattoos offer depth.

chance the rappper tattoos
Source: TikTik/@greatvaluematthew

Chance the Rapper-inspired tattoos by Matthew Terry.

Chance the Rapper fans will love these designs created by Matthew Terry. The TikToker took inspiration from the GRAMMY award-winner's catalog to create pieces that embody Chance's lyrics.

For "Same Drugs," Matthew crafted a tattoo that features a broken syringe and scattered prescription pills. The design for "Cocoa Butter Kisses" shows a woman with tinted lips smoking a joint.

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