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As Geek-Chic Glasses Become the New Go-to Accessory, These Brands Are Making Them Even More Luxe

People think of glasses in different ways. Many believe them to be "nerdy," which may be why they're used to accessorize "geeky" or "dorky" characters in TV and film.


Mar. 25 2024, Updated 5:30 p.m. ET

However, others believe glasses make you look intelligent, educated, and capable. Trends this year are taking things further: glasses can now also make you look exceptionally fashionable.

Thanks to today's celebrities and influencers, the geek-chic look from the early '00s is back in full force with the second rise of Bayonetta glasses. Alongside other popular frames like the cat-eye and wayfarers, glasses that serve an office aesthetic are flying off the shelves.

Luxury brands are taking note by putting their own designer spins on corrective eyewear—further cementing the current trend of accessorizing with glasses by bringing it from mainstream to more high-end fashion circles. Just take a look at these geek-chic models from:

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Credit: @liisakushnir on Instagram

Round glasses frames have always been stylish for their versatility: they can fit a wide range of face shapes. They even offer a sense of nostalgia by emulating the specs worn by pop culture icons like Harry Potter and John Lennon—which is why they outlast trend cycles. So how does Chanel eyewear make this classic glasses style more geek-chic? It's simple: they add chains. Though often seen on older wearers, Gen Z is bringing them back for a quirky librarian look. That's probably why Chanel now sells them along with their round glasses, offering a more luxurious feel with a mix of metal and light gold.


Credit: @ruripark on Instagram

Geek-chic glasses are often slim and rectangular, further recalling the specs often worn in the early '00s. Gucci glasses are known for setting trends in high fashion, so it's no surprise that models like the GG0609OK take that style and rework it for 2024 by using sleeker half-rim frames. Though the lightweight and fashionable construction of the final product seems simple, it's crafted to ensure both a designer look and feel. The glasses' metal frames curve inward at the temples, which allows them to rest with more stability behind the ears. Here, they meet the understated yet tasteful placement of Gucci's signature stripe and logo for a higher-end appeal.

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Credit: @centroculistavlc on Instagram

If there's one style that emulates the secretary and librarian aesthetic at the core of the geek-chic glasses trend, it's the cat-eye—a vintage design women of the '50s and '60s often wore with the popular bee-hive hairstyle. Its popularity even extended to men, with people like soft contact lens inventor Dr. Otto Wicherle known for donning a more masculine version of the cat eye. Prada is one of the few brands that can give this eyewear an even more luxurious feel. Mixing the cat-eye with the large, rectangular frame styles popular in the '70s, Prada glasses like the PR 09ZV boast an additional tortoiseshell pattern for the ultimate geek-chic look.


Credit: @hertimelessstyle on Instagram

We can't round out this list of luxury brands without mentioning this Italian fashion house that turns everyday accessories into more eye-catching designer products. Just look at Versace sneakers: made of leather and suede, models like the Chain Reaction 2 are intentionally designed to be taken from street style to the runways of the world's most prestigious fashion shows. That's why this brand can absolutely be relied on for luxurious geek-chic eyewear. You'll only need to look as far as its collection of reading glasses to find a pair that perfectly suits the slim, plastic frames so necessary to this aesthetic. A mix of acetate and metal gives its transparent violet appearance an added level of elegance, elevating a butterfly-shaped design that can help anyone hop on the trend.

Geek-chic glasses are 2024's latest must-have. These brands show that they can be made even more luxurious—perfect for dressing up any outfit.

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