Time to Trade Up? The 2023 Lamborghini Urus S and Performante Will Have You Considering It

The Italian automaker has two models for the new Urus. They include the S, or “Super,” and the Performante, translated from Italian as “Performing.”


Jul. 7 2023, Updated 10:12 a.m. ET

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At the beginning of 2023, Lamborghini announced two new models of the Lamborghini Urus, just one of many luxury SUVs on the market. The two models are the S, short for “Super,” and the Performante, translated from Italian as “Performing.”

Both models have similar designs, but are more streamlined than the original Urus. They both get around 16.7 miles per gallon and use the same powertrain system.

Whether you're a car junkie or someone who is considering leveling up their ride, you should know how much the Urus S and Performante cost and the exciting features they come equipped with. And the good news is, we've got all the details for you, so keep reading!

How much does the Lamborghini Urus S and Performante cost?

The Lamborghini Urus S is going to cost you around $200,000 while the Performante is priced at around $260,000. Lamborghini plans to convert its entire fleet to hybrid power by 2024, making the S and Performante some of the last purely gasoline-powered vehicles it manufactures. Needless to say, if you want a modern Lamborghini that runs on gasoline, the S and Performante are two vehicles to strongly consider, if they fall within your budget, that it.

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What exciting features does the Lamborghini Urus S and Performante come equipped with?

Inside the vehicles you'll find Alcantara suede throughout, including on the dashboard, seats and steering wheel. The center console has the same dual screen model you'll find on the original Urus. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are also both supported.

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The Urus S comes equipped with seven driving modes, one of which is a “rally” mode. There are anti-roll and dampening systems coupled with the air suspension to turn up the oversteering. This allows the S to drive off-road in many situations. Unlike the Performante, which is designed for performance, the S is designed for versatility.

Both models come with a four-liter twin-turbo V-8 engine. It produces 657 horsepower (666 in metric horsepower). Lamborghini claims the Performante can go from zero to 62 miles per hour in 3.3 seconds. The S is slightly slower and takes 3.5 seconds to accelerate, a negligible difference. The Urus, unsurprinsgly, can reach a top speed of 190 miles per hour. After all, it is part of the Lamborghini family.

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What are some key differences between the Urus S and the Performante?

Much of the Performante is made from carbon fiber, which reduces weight, increasing downforce by 38 percent. It also improves the aerodynamics by 8 percent. The vehicle also comes with a titanium exhaust pipe and lightweight 22-inch wheels, further reducing its weight. The Performante is 104 pounds lighter than the S.

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There are also steel springs, anti-roll bars and a special air suspension system that help control stability. The standard carbon-ceramic brakes, which are required for the heavier Lamborghini models, remain.

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The speed of the Urus is attributed to software updates, rather than mechanical changes, according to the engineers at Lamborghini. The traction and stability systems will work more efficiently thanks to the all-wheel drive controller. The engineers also recalibrated the engine and transmission programming.

Both the S and Performante are equally fast and sporty. However, the choice should come down to budget and whether driving a Lamborghini off-road is worthwhile.

Because the Urus S and Performante are priced significantly higher than the Urus, your monthly payments will be well over $3,568. This is the estimated amount you'd pay monthly for a Urus, according to JD Power, if the vehicle is priced at $218,009 and you put 10 percent down ($21,800).

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