T-Pain performs onstage at Soul Train Awards 2023
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Rappers-Turned-Gamers Who Are Taking Over Twitch One Stream at a Time

From live streams to fan contests, these rappers are making significant waves in the gaming scene. Here are the best rappers-turned-gamers on Twitch.


Dec. 11 2023, Published 2:41 p.m. ET

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The digital world has evolved and now, rappers are taking advantage of the ever-evolving space.

Some of the biggest names in the hip-hop industry are expanding their reach beyond traditional music outlets and making their mark on the live-streaming platform, Twitch.

Traditionally used by gamers, Twitch has seen a surge in popularity among musicians seeking alternative ways to engage with their audiences.

twitch laptop
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Twitch logo displayed on a laptop screen and a gamepad are seen in this illustration photo.

Rappers have embraced this trend, using Twitch as a dynamic space to showcase their gaming skills and also to share insights into their creative processes.

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Twitch’s interactive features allow fans to engage in real-time conversations with their favorite artists, creating a more personal connection that goes beyond a typical concert or interview.

Here are five rappers who have taken the streaming world by storm. And yes, their live streams are just as entertaining as the music they produce.

Soulja Boy

soulja boy bet
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Soulja Boy arrives at the 2023 BET Awards.

Soulja Boy has proclaimed himself the first rapper to live stream. And while we cannot confirm or deny his assertion, we were able to verify his impressive Twitch stats. Using the handle @souljaboy, the Chicago native built a following of more than 800,000 subscribers.

He used the platform to discuss music, trending topics, and promote his slate of businesses. The rapper is also an avid gamer. He regularly streams his time playing Grand Theft Auto and Dead By Daylight.

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T-Pain is slowly becoming a viral superstar. He has nearly one million followers on his Twitch account, which he uses to chat with fans, preview music, and host interactive contests.

And the rapper’s live streams have been very lucrative. In a 2021 appearance on Steve-O’s Wild Ride podcast, he said that he has made more money from Twitch in recent years than he has from music. “I’m making more money off of video games than I have made in the last four years,” T-Pain said. “Just playing them. Playing video games.”

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In 2020, Logic announced that he was retiring from music to spend more time with his family, per NPR.

"Continuing to chase things like number ones, on this hamster wheel that inevitably never stops unless you step off of it consciously,” the father of one said. Two years later, he made his grand return to music and he also began live streaming on Twitch.

Logic, whose real name is Sir Robert Bryson Hall, uses his rap alias on the video gaming platform. He has over 500,000 subscribers on Twitch. However, Logic remains active on his other social media pages. He currently regularly shares photos and videos with his six million followers on Instagram.

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Snoop Dogg

snoop dogg performs
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Snoop Dogg performs on stage.

Beloved rapper Snoop Dogg has also dipped his toe into the gaming world.

Although he is no longer on the streaming platform, Snoop’s previous live streams on Twitch have reached more than 300,000 viewers, according to The New York Post.

His Madden NFL 21 streams were eventful – to say the least. The “Drop It Like It's Hot” rapper once stormed off-screen after losing a game, leaving his Twitch followers hanging on for more than seven hours.

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