A collage of Black History Month memes.
Source: X/@deeshmoney; TikTok/@@nokapphere; TikTok/@kendria_bland

LOL: Black History Month Memes That Prove the Internet Can’t Take Anything Seriously

If you're looking for a good laugh, this list of the funniest Black History Month memes will do the trick. Be warned, the internet did not hold back.


Feb. 12 2024, Published 1:50 p.m. ET

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Every Black History Month, netizens take to the internet to share their favorite memes to commemorate the event. The circulation of funny Black History Month memes has become a trend, and we’re not mad about it. While the month is traditionally reserved for honoring the achievements of Black activists throughout time, these lighthearted memes offer a more hilarious take on the celebration.

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From jokes about Harriet Tubman and Martin Luther King Jr. to civil rights parodies, it seems like no one is safe from the unserious rath of the internet. These memes celebrate the resilience and creativity of the Black community while also providing much-needed comic relief.

If you’re looking for a good laugh, here are some of the funniest Black History Month memes to share with your friends.

The internet paid ode to the ancestors.

cotton field
Source: X/@JamesHi71217

A meme of three white men picking cotton in a cotton field with a mirage of Martin Luther King, Harriet Tubman, and Malcom X in the sky.

The internet loves joking about slavery, despite it being a very serious topic. Every Black History Month, netizens remind white Americans of their ancestry by sharing this hilarious photo that shows white men picking cotton in a field. In the distance of the photo are the faces of Martin Luther King, Harriet Tubman, and Malcolm X smiling happily from heaven.

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The BHM cypher you didn't know you needed

Kendria Bland has become the go-to creator for Black History Month content. The TikToker kicked off the month with a cypher where she raps from the perspectives of civil rights icons Ortha Castyle Haley, Rosa Parks, and Harriet Tubman.

"When you hear that bop bop better drop / I empty out that clip cause big Tubman don’t stop,” she raps in the video. “Get down or get popped and Massa is my opp.”

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The viral TikTok trend no one ever needed

At the height of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020, which came following the shooting death of George Floyd, white creators tried their hardest to show their support — however, some social media influencers failed miserably, and the internet will not let them forget it. Now, whenever a non-black person awkwardly tries to voice their opinion on issues impacting the Black community, people share this meme.

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The quintessential "woke" co-worker

bosses bhm
Source: X/@DoctorOnAHil

A white man dressed in African garb smiles.

We can’t confirm the validity of the photo used in this meme, but it’s truly hilarious. It mocks companies' ingenuine attempts to embrace Black History Month – which often end badly.

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The meme-ification of Dr. Umar Johnson

screen shot    at  am
Source: X/@frodeci

Dr. Umar meme on Twitter that says: "But white folks never told you why it's called a Master's Degree."

Anytime anyone says or types anything remotely anti-Black, Dr. Umar enters the chat – most times in meme form. Netizens love posting clips and videos of the Pan-African educator, who openly expresses his often controversial pan-African values.

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The kente cloth kufi

hulk kufi meme black history month
Source: X/@WPlusTheILL.

Meme of the Hulk wearing a kufi that says: "Why would I smash when I can build, my brutha?"

It seems like any photo can be meme’d if you throw a kente pattern kufi on it. Netizens regularly photoshop the African accessories onto images during the month of February for dramatic effect.

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The new Black National Anthem

As proof that the internet cannot take anything seriously, TikTokers meme’d Cynthia Erivo’s song “Stand Up” from the Harriet film.

Now, the song is used to celebrate Black History Month, except not in the way Cynthia intended. Black creators used the song in clips where they are being pampered by their non-Black peers – because why not?

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