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Protein-Rich Fruits and Veggies That Are Key to Boasting Your Overall Health and Wellness

Take charge of your health and wellness by adding these eight fruit and veggies — that are not only delicious but highly rich in protein — to your diet.


Dec. 12 2023, Published 1:13 p.m. ET

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As you get older, it's important to make sure you are incorporating foods with high protein into your diet every day.

Protein-rich foods are crucial in helping to repair many parts of your body — from your hair to your muscles — and for maintaining your overall health. Dairy, poultry, and seafood are the main sources, but did you know that certain fruits and veggies are high in protein as well?

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Not only that, they are key to making sure you feel healthier and look more beautiful than you ever have.

Want to know which fruits and veggies you need to stock up on? Don't worry, we got you. Here are eight protein-rich fruits and vegetables that need to find their way to your kitchen immediately!

Passion Fruit

brightly colored passion fruit sitting on a table
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Brightly colored passion fruit sitting on a table.

This versatile fruit has many benefits. A cup of passion fruit contains 5.2 grams of protein and can be enjoyed in various ways such as in fruit juice, smoothies, purees, and more. The possibilities are endless!

A daily dose of this popular fruit also reduces anxiety, supports heart health, and boosts the immune system.

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man eating avocado toast wiith egg at a table with friends
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Black man eats sandwich with avocado and eggs.

Avocados are widely known as the main ingredient in the beloved snack guacamole. They are the perfect source of healthy fats and protein.

Avocados pair nicely with salads, spreads, and dips. Avocados can even be eaten plain with lemon juice and your favorite seasoning.

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delicious beautiful red guava with fresh green leaves on a white table
Source: Getty Images

Delicious beautiful Red guava with fresh green leaves on a white table.

This exotic and delicious fruit is super rich in protein, completely edible, and has four times the amount of recommended vitamin C.

Guava can spice up your diet in several ways — try including the fruit in refreshing drinks, homemade jams, smoothies, sherbert, and more. Additionally, the fruit is known for aiding digestion, enhancing skin health, reducing cancer risks, and supporting eye health.

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a pile of raspberries in a bowl on a wooden table outside
Source: Getty Images

A pile of raspberries in a bowl on a wooden table outside.

Raspberries are a perfect and healthy snack that is light and sweet.

The berry can be added to yogurt for a protein-packed breakfast or delicious muffins for an easy dessert. Raspberries have been proven to lower blood pressure and help prevent stroke and heart disease.

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a bowl of fresh spinach on the table along with an assortment of vegetables
Source: Getty Images

A bowl of fresh spinach on the table along with an assortment of vegetables.

When it comes to vegetables that are loaded with protein, spinach is one of the best. Filled with vitamins A, K, and C, spinach boasts the immune system, protects vision, and regulates healthy blood flow. Spinach can be cooked, eaten raw, or put in smoothies. The dark leafy green vegetable provides a wealth of nutrients. It is also a great side dish for salmon.

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a bowl of fresh broccoli in a white bowl with a side of lemon
Source: Getty Images

Fresh broccoli sitting in a white bowl on a table with a side of lemon

Broccoli is one of the highest protein-filled vegetables and one of the most consumed. It can prepared in various ways.

Whether roasted, steamed, or used in soups or casseroles, broccoli is one of the easiest vegetables to incorporate into your everyday diet.

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Brussels Sprouts

fried brussels sprout with roasted bacon and parmesan cheese
Source: Getty Images

Fried brussels sprout with roasted bacon and parmesan cheese in a pan.

Once deemed a least favorite vegetable, brussels sprouts have gotten a major rebrand over the years.

Roasted or sauteed, the vegetable has a distinct taste that compliments almost any meal. They are known to be rich in antioxidants, high in fiber, and have been linked to possibly maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.

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healthy green smoothie kale juice on wood table
Source: Getty Images

A Healthy green smoothie with kale sitting on a wood table

Kale, with its nutty and earthy taste, is brimming with protein. The dark green vegetable is known for its versatility and can be worked into a wide array of recipes that are healthy and delicious — including salads and crispy kale chips.

Additionally, kale contains anti-cancer compounds and can help lower cholesterol levels.

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