Rapper Nardo Wick performs during Kodak Black & Friends Concert
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Nardo Wick Refuses to Smoke or Drink — The Reason Why Might Surprise You

Nardo Wick was called "boring" after he revealed that he does not drink alcohol or do drugs. Here is the shocking reason why he's sober.


Mar. 8 2024, Published 9:29 p.m. ET

Rapper Nardo Wick is a rising star in hip-hop, garnering attention for his raw storytelling and infectious energy. Hailing from Jacksonville, Fla., Nardo’s breakthrough moment came with the release of his hit single "Who Want Smoke?”

“It’s the creativity of the song. It was different, it didn’t sound like anything else,” Nardo told Billboard. “Nobody heard anything like it.”

The song quickly became an anthem for the streets and solidified his place as one of the leaders of modern hip-hop.

Nardo has continued to dominate the airwaves with a string of popular hits. His songs "Somethin’" and "Hot Boy" have generated millions of streams and earned him a dedicated fanbase. However, fans of the MC were surprised to learn that he lives a more reserved lifestyle.

Nardo refuses to drink alcohol, and he has a good reason not to.

nardo wick performs onstage during day  of rolling loud
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Nardo Wick performs onstage during day 3 of Rolling Loud.

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Why doesn’t Nardo Wick smoke or drink?

Nardo Wick revealed that he does not drink or smoke, and some people are shocked. The revelation came during an episode of 50 Women vs 1 Rapper.

In the YouTube series, a group of women engage in conversations with popular rappers — from intimate matters to relationship dynamics. The women then cast their votes of "yes" or "no" to indicate their level of compatibility with the guest.

At one point, a contestant approaches Nardo and asks if he drinks alcohol.

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“Nah, no, not really, it depends,” Nardo explained. “Like, on occasion with my momma and s--t. Like if she gives me a shot, I’ll throw that. But no, I don’t drink for real.” The woman then asked the rapper if he did drugs. To which he responded, “No.”

Nardo previously revealed the reason he does not drink or smoke, explaining that he wants a different life after growing up around drugs and street violence.

“I don’t even smoke or drink. I ain’t never smoke or drink,” he told Say Cheese. “Can’t nobody talk me into doing nothing. I done stopped n----s from doing dumb s--t.”

He went on to explain that he often encourages those around him to avoid indulging in activities that can be harmful.

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Where is Nardo Wick from?

Before he was catupulted into the spotlight, Nardo Wick lived a very different life.

The rapper grew up in Jackson, Fla., surrounded by drugs, violence, and poverty.

“I been around this s--t my whole life since I can remember,” Nardo said, during an appearance on DJ Akademiks’ Off the Record. “I’m four or five and my uncle's cooking crack. My mom was really street and my daddy was serving.”

nardo wick performs during kodak black friends concert
Source: Getty Images

Nardo Wick performs during Kodak Black & Friends Concert.

Nardo went on to explain that being surrounded by illegal activities eventually led him down a similar path.

He added: “I would just look at it like, I would go rob a n---a and get this much, why would I go to work?”

However, the rapper has tried to escape his problematic past as he looks to be a role model for others looking to break into the industry.

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