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Sneaker Reselling 101: 6 Essential Tips for Beginners to Get into the Biz

If you are looking to start a sneaker resale business, we got you! Here are six essential tips for newcomers looking to get into the resale game.


Feb. 27 2024, Updated 8:37 p.m. ET

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Sneaker reselling has evolved from a niche hobby into a business opportunity for many. For beginners looking to get into the world of sneaker reselling, navigating the market can seem impossible. However, with the right strategies and knowledge, success is within reach.

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Reselling sneakers is a good way to make extra cash (if you can manage to secure products that are in demand.) However, the journey may come with some setbacks. Resale websites are typically more affordable than private sellers, so breaking into the industry can be tough.

Here are some essential tips for beginners looking to kick-start their sneaker reselling journey.

Do your research before you start.

puma sneaker on display
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PUMA GV Special + Kenny Burns sneaker collaboration on display.

Before signing up to sell sneakers on sites like StockX and Stadium Goods, take the time to compare each platform. Resell websites offer various payment scales and some may even ask for monthly fees. Familiarize yourself with as many resale platforms as possible.

Similarly, those looking to turn a profit should be aware of the market value of each sneaker brand. Understanding the demand and resale value of different sneakers will help you make informed purchasing decisions.

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Be sure to monitor release dates.

people wearing nike sneakers
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People wearing Nike sneakers waiting outside a Nike store.

Staying informed about upcoming sneaker drops will be a game-changer. You will have first access to the hottest new releases, which often sell out quickly.

Follow sneaker news websites, social media accounts of sneaker brands, and online forums to stay updated, and be sure to check for early-access codes. Brands like Adidas have previously provided early-access codes for those who sign up for an Adidas CONFIRMED account.

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Provide excellent customer service.

stiock x resale
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The authenticating room for sneakers is viewed at StockX.

Customer service is often overlooked by sneaker resellers – most are just hoping to simply turn a profit as quickly as possible. However, good customer service can make or break a resell business. Customers will often have questions about sizing and comfortability and it is important to address these concerns.

Provide prompt responses to inquiries, accurately describe the condition of your sneakers, and ensure secure packaging and timely shipping.

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Join a network of fellow sneakerheads.

man checking a newly purchased nike sneaker
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Men looking at a newly-purchased Nike sneakers.

Networking is crucial in the sneaker reselling community. Connect with other resellers, collectors, and enthusiasts through online forums and social media groups.

Building relationships with fellow enthusiasts can lead to valuable insights and access to unique finds. Collaborating with other sellers is important for those looking to cop unique products and expand their reach.

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Price competitively but don’t get greedy!

customers waiting outside nike
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People wearing Nike sneakers queueing outside a Nike store.

Pricing can be tricky. Products with a high price tag will often go unsold while items sold below market value seem suspicious to prospective buyers.

When pricing your sneakers for resale, consider factors such as rarity, condition, and market demand. Research the current market value of similar sneakers and price your listings competitively to attract buyers.

Offering fair prices will help you build a positive reputation and attract repeat customers.

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Start small and take your time.

foam runners on display
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Yeezy Foam shoes are seen at a store in Krakow.

It is very easy to get bummed out when sales are slow. That’s why it is important for new sellers to set realistic expectations. Start small and build your inventory gradually.

Begin by focusing on a few select sneaker models or brands that you are familiar with and passionate about. This will allow you to gain experience before expanding your inventory.

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