Rapper Big Sean performs onstage during the "Red Cup Tour
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Finally Famous: Here's a Complete Breakdown Big Sean’s Best Bars of All Time

Big Sean has dropped more than a few notable bars in his time. Here is a break down of seven of the rapper's best verses of all time.


Mar. 27 2024, Published 7:57 p.m. ET

Detroit native Big Sean has become known for his memorable lyrics and clever wordplay. He’s been an integral part of the hip-hop community since 2007, dropping hit after hit.

He released his debut studio album, Finally Famous, in 2011 – which featured the hit single "My Last" with Chris Brown. Sean has continued to push the boundaries of rap with a string of successful albums, including Hall of Fame, Dark Sky Paradise, and I Decided.

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Sean has undoubtedly been a commercial success, but he revealed that his creative process is less structured than fans would think. “As far as writing the lyrics, I don’t write them down on paper,” he told Hunger. “That’s kind of my process."

While the rapper is humble about his lyrical abilities, he’s dropped some fire verses in his day. Here are some of the best bars he’s ever dropped during his career.

7. Sean was talking big on "Control".

big sean performs onstage in the sahara tent during day  week  of coachella
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Big Sean performs onstage in the Sahara Tent during Day 1, Week 2 of Coachella.

In this collaboration, Sean delivers a show-stopping verse that includes now-classic bars. With lines like "I drink liquor on liquor / I had women on women / Yeah that's bunk bed b---hes," Sean proved that his rap skills run the gamut.

Yes, the song is brash, but the bars are fire.

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6. "Deep" takes a real look at the pressures of fame.

Sean gets introspective in "Deep," reflecting on the pressures of fame and the struggles of maintaining personal relationships.

“The deeper it gets, boy, the pressure increases / But pressure make diamonds.” — Big Sean ("Deep")

The song highlights the complexities of success while Sean's candid storytelling and emotional delivery resonate with fans on a deep level.

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5. "One Man Can Change the World" is a lesson about growth.

big sean performs at the aretha franklin amphitheatre
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Big Sean performs at The Aretha Franklin Amphitheatre.

In "One Man Can Change the World," Sean pays homage to his late grandmother and reflects on the impact she had on his life.

"My grandma told me if you write your name in stone you'll never get the white out / I grinded out that black hole then performed up at the White House." — Big Sean ("One Man Can Change the World")

The lyrics showcase Sean's creative and personal growth and the music video for the song is just as symbolic, depicting his life in Detroit as a cinematic story.

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4. Big Sean unleashed he beast on "1st Quarter Freestyle".

In this unfiltered freestyle that showcases Sean's lyricism, he unleashes a fury of clever wordplay and rapid-fire flows.

"Okay, I always got a grip, I never slip, I never panic / Got my Rolex set Pacific, while I fly through the Atlantic." — Big Sean ("1st Quarter Freestyle")

The song was never included on any of Sean’s studio albums, but fans of the rapper are familiar with this raw piece of hip-hop art.

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3. Big Sean reflects on his success in "Bigger Than Me".

big sean performs at the  coachella valley music and arts festival
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Big Sean performs at the 2022 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

In "Bigger Than Me," Sean delivers a powerful message about appreciating the smaller things in life. The song, released in 2017, challenges listeners to discover their purpose in life.

“Used to want that foreign / Got that foreign, now it's boring / Started touring / Swear to God that's when I realized this shit was bigger than me." — Big Sean ("Bigger Than Me")

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2. "IDFWU" has the world in a chokehold.

big sean performs during lollapalooza at grant park
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Big Sean performs during Lollapalooza at Grant Park.

Big Sean’s wit and wordplay are on full display in “IDFWU.” The song has become an anthem about men moving on from toxic relationships and focusing on themselves.

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“And every day I wake up celebrating sh-t (Why?) / ‘Cause I just dodged a bullet from a crazy b---h." — Big Sean ("IDFWU")

The track resonates with anyone who’s ever had to deal with an ex’s antics and showcases Sean’s ability to incorporate some humor into his music.

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1. Big Sean dropped gems in ‘Blessings.’

One of Big Sean's most poignant bars comes from his hit single "Blessings," featuring Drake and Kanye West. In the song, Sean delivers a powerful message about gratitude and resilience.

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"I treat the beat like it's a reverend / I tell the truth like father, forgive me, these are all my confessions / Man, this wasn't luck, it was destined.” — Big Sean ("Blessings")

These words capture the essence of the rapper’s journey to success, reminding listeners to appreciate life even when things hit the fan.

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