Issue 66

Latest Issue 66 News and Updates

  • The Gospel of Mali Music

    The Gospel of Mali Music

    Mali Music found his power through music by creating a sound that attracts the ears of saints and sinners. Check out his q&a with Bleu Magazine.
    By Ebony Allison
  • Q&A with Rising Artist Leven Kali

    Q&A with Rising Artist Leven Kali

    With a sound completely of his own, Leven Kali is gearing up to release his latest project High Tide. Check out our q&a with this rising artist.
    By Jamie Rollo
  • Pop Smoke Changed The Rap Game From Ground Zero

    Pop Smoke Changed The Rap Game From Ground Zero

    Reflecting on the disruptive career and untimely death of the one of a kind hip-hop artist, Pop Smoke.“Sometimes you just gotta get raw,” he shared.
    By Shalisa Alba
  • Kelp: The Beginners Guide
    Health And Fitness

    Kelp: The Beginners Guide

    It turns out people are eating kelp now. If your initial reaction to that news is confusion, have no fear, all the intel you need is right here.
    By Elysia Tanswell
  • Auto

    Kia Telluride is Redefining American Road Trip Adventures

    Kia’s celebration of its newest vehicle made in America, for and by Americans. The Telluride is the company's best SUV yet.
    By Tanya Hayles
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